Music Lessons


Hello, are you an EUR student looking for music lessons? Or a Codarts student looking to teach? Stay tuned – we are working really hard on this website. Soon it will be done and contain all of the information you need. For now, you can already pre-register to follow updates on the music lessons by filling out this GoogleForm.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

Erasmus Codarts Music Academy

Are you at uni and want to learn to play an instrument? Take high quality and affordable music lessons from a peer. Are you a Codarts student looking for experience in treaching and a little extra pocket money – become a teacher! 

EMC aims to set up and facilitate a well-known and easy way for students to take and give music lessons. On this page you can get in touch with one another. Choose from a variety of instruments and gernres. Both teacher and student are responbile for scheduling and payments yourselves. 

Please sign up here to become the first students/teachers at the ECMA – Erasmus Codarts Music Academy! 


Name Teacher

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