Provide Musicians

As soon as Covid will allow us, we hope to continue to provide the EUR and any kind of partner with the high quality live-music again. From party’s, to goodbye ceremonies to the Eureka Week – we will find musicians that will suit your needs. They can play in big bands,  smaller combo’s, duo’s, trio’s, quartets, … you name it. Please email us to discuss the possibilities (

Are you keen to make music with others & confident with your level? Also contact us and might just get gigs rolling in 😉 

Some visuals of gigs ...

Become a sponsor?

EMC is a collective, meaning we do not charge a membershipfee. Anyone can come to our events and enjoy. Because of this we are always looking for sponsors to realise our projects. Any small or big partnership is greatly appreciated. We need funds to sustain returning events (e.g. parking tickets for jamsessions, snacks at drinks) to larger events (e.g. location rental for SingEURSong, paying lectures …) 

Do you / your company want to become a sponsor? Please contact us at and we will provide the details and answer any questions. 

Erasmus Codarts Music Academy

Since we would love to see as many people hooked on music as possible we are looking to providing classes for students by students. Codarts students will be teaching EUR students for a friendly price in which both sides win. Codarts students get experience and EUR students learn a new valuable skill. We are still starting up this project – stay tuned! 

Check out the separate page of this website “Music Lessons”.