The hidden musicians at EUR have come out of hiding

In a tiny, sterile studio at Codarts University of the Arts, psychology student Tom Vrolijk walks up to the mic holding a guitar and announces he’s going to play a song he’s written himself. Around him is a cluster of musicians, all clutching their instruments, all waiting to hear which key he wants the song to be played in. The gang of musicians, which features three guitars, two basses, a keyboard, an organ, and a set of drums, follow Vrolijk’s voice and work in unison to take his song on a wild trip

Introducing Erasmus Music Collective

On September 25, the first jam session organized by the Erasmus Music Collective was hosted in the old, grey brick building of Codarts at the Pieter de Hoochweg in Rotterdam. We spoke with the organizers of this new collective, and with one of the musicians that has joined for the jam session. Florieke de Geus, who performed at the ACE EXPO last year, and Lucas Vermeer warmly welcomed us with some beers and great music